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Messaging Personalization

Pushwoosh is the customer engagement platform that empowers marketers to build effective communication strategies based on customer data.

Personalization capabilities are key to deliver rich, highly relevant messages, and our Customer Success team will be happy to present them to you on a dedicated training session.

training session

Join us and you’ll see what the modern automation tools bring to facilitate your daily routine and make your efforts even more effective!
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Alina Gromovnik
We're looking forward to seeing you!
Learn how to leverage customer data (user preferences & behavior) for creating personalized communications
Get a first glimpse of the Pushwoosh personalization features at your disposal: dynamic tags & content, liquid templates, multilanguage and geo-based communications, and deep links
See real-life examples of personalized communication strategies that helps to engage and convert mobile users
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Stan Koval
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Pushwoosh is the top mobile-driven customer engagement platform. Its tech-easy solutions help marketers boost user engagement and stickiness with push notifications, in-app messages, and behavior-based omnichannel communications, therefore, successfully growing and monetizing their apps.
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