Trends to Win in the Post-Pandemic World

Pushwoosh & net solutions research

Mobile Messaging
for E-Commerce

The boom of online shopping accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic has forced brands to rapidly change their marketing strategies, especially on mobile.

Pushwoosh and Net Solutions have gathered and analyzed the latest e-commerce industry data in the mobile landscape.
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Become aware of the current trends in mobile messaging for e-commerce and thrive in the post-pandemic world.
Benchmark the key business metrics against the industry averages: app growth, user activity, CTRs, and opt-in rates.
Learn about the most common practices that digital-first shopping apps use to improve their messages’ CTRs and user retention, acquire new users and retain the existing ones.
See how Black Friday 2021 has affected online shopping app metrics.
Get data-driven expert recommendations to improve your e-commerce app performance.
How have e-commerces adapted their online strategies to the new normal?

How does your shopping app compare with other businesses in the changing mobile market?

How is Black Friday 2021 different from other years?