It’s no news that media apps compete for the users’ precious attention.

Indeed, engaged app users are key to any app’s revenue, regardless of the monetization model you use. Highly relevant and timely messaging can help you stay one step ahead of your competitors, build a loyal community and drive revenue.

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News & Media Apps: From Engagement to Monetization

It’s not just words: for example, sends 5–25 million push notifications daily at the high speed of up to 500k messages per second. As a result, the app attracts over 60 000 unique readers daily!
News & media apps have relied on Pushwoosh customer engagement solutions since 2014. In collaboration with our clients from the industry, we’ve gathered some sure-fire practices. Get the scoop from our Customer Success team on the webinar.
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Stan Koval
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Alina Gromovnik
How to keep users engaged without spamming them and prevent subscriber churn
How to boost your news & media app usage, retain users and monetize the traffic
What segmentation, personalization, and automation tools are must-haves for your messaging
Pushwoosh is the top mobile-driven customer engagement platform. Its tech-easy solutions help marketers boost user engagement and stickiness with push notifications, in-app messages, and behavior-based omnichannel communications, therefore, successfully growing and monetizing their apps.
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