Pushwoosh vs. Braze:
Complete Comparison

Choosing the best customer engagement platform to meet your business needs? Compare Pushwoosh with Braze in terms of pricing, features, and customer satisfaction.

Reasons to choose Pushwoosh over Braze

Pushwoosh vs. Braze pricing
Cost-effective prices
Pushwoosh vs. Braze deliverability
Higher deliverability
Pushwoosh vs. Braze plans and customer service
More flexibility in plans and customer service
Pushwoosh vs. Braze interface & ease of use
Intuitive interface in all tools

What's the difference between Pushwoosh and Braze?

★ A cross-channel customer engagement platform

★ Especially strong in push notification technologies: surefire delivery to large user bases and high-speed delivery

★ Easy-to-manage automated workflows (named Customer Journey Builder)

★ Has all the features for advanced personalization, granular segmentation, and in-depth work with the user base

★ Enables push notification delivery, in-app messaging, and email sending + you can connect any external services (such as SMS) via Webhooks

★ Customers can choose packages supporting all of the given channels or stop at push notifications and pay no extra fees for the features they don’t use

Best for: Businesses of all sizes, from SMBs to Enterprises, looking for a technologically advanced yet easy-to-use solution for single- and multichannel marketing communications. A value-for-money solution.
☆ A comprehensive customer engagement platform supporting the same channels as Pushwoosh: push notifications, in-app messages, emails, and multichannel workflows (named Canvas).

☆ SMS comes as an extra via branded webhooks.

☆ Strong in extensive data analytics — up to the point of prediction — and report-building. Pushwoosh customers, though, can easily import statistics data via API — and it may be even easier than working with Braze.

Best for: Enterprise clients eager to connect all the supported communication channels at once. Larger companies may benefit from custom-built analytical reports, but they should make sure they can afford to nevermind the total price of the solution.


Feature comparison:
Pushwoosh vs. Braze

Disclaimer: all the information on the available features, pricing, and ratings is valid as of October 6, 2021. To report any incorrect or outdated information, please contact our support team. For more information on Pushwoosh features, you may request a personal product tour. To discover Pushwoosh plans and limits, please visit the pricing page.

Broad feature overview

Pushwoosh and Braze are basically neck and neck in terms of supported channels.

Personalization and Segmentation

Braze is a strong Pushwoosh competitor, it goes without saying. If you look into Pushwoosh vs. Braze functionality, you’ll see that the features are very much alike.

Automated messaging & workflows

Extra features


Compared to Pushwoosh, Braze has more tools for data analytics and report building right in the interface. Nevertheless, Pushwoosh customers have access to all the same essential performance metrics and can even import them easily to external services via API.

Pushwoosh vs. Braze pricing

The strongest advantage that Pushwoosh has over Braze is pricing.

To begin with, Braze has no free package or free trial. Braze doesn’t display their pricing publicly, but the starting price for their yearly subscription is known to be $100K.

Pushwoosh has long been known as a more affordable solution for startups targeting a limited number of app users. At that, Pushwoosh is perfectly scalable and reliable in terms of message delivery. This makes the platform appealing to the companies that can afford to spend more on marketing automation but prefer to manage their budgets wisely.

Compared to Braze, Pushwoosh is more flexible in its pricing. Besides the ready-made plans for developers and marketers, Pushwoosh Team can offer a custom plan. Customers can get access to all the advanced features or only pay for the channels of their choice.

User reviews: Pushwoosh vs. Braze

  • G2: Quality of Support


  • Cuspera: Engagement Management with Mobile

  • Cuspera: Personalization

  • Cuspera: Templates

  • Trustpilot


What type of companies choose Pushwoosh

More than 80 000 businesses from across the world and industries have used Pushwoosh to boost their customer engagement, retention, and revenue.

Pushwoosh’s powerful functionality and reasonable pricing appeal to both SMBs and enterprise businesses.

Media, e-commerce, subscription-based apps, gaming, sports, entertainment, telecom, banking, healthcare, delivery, and travel apps choose Pushwoosh as an effective and efficient solution.
Avianca - Pushwoosh customer
Generali - Pushwoosh customer
FIBA - Pushwoosh customer
Deloitte - Pushwoosh customer
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