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Relevant messaging is hard to imagine without proper segmentation. It allows for effectively allocating your marketing resources and maximizing conversion and selling opportunities.

With Pushwoosh, you can send and automate push notifications and emails based on multiple user attributes and real-time behavior.

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User Segmentation and RFM Analysis

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And, of course, our Customer Success team will show you everything in action in the Pushwoosh customer engagement platform!
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Max Kuzakov
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Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Vlad Heyn
The difference between default and custom Tags
Creation and management of Segments
What data to collect for building proper customer segments
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Event-based RFM segmentation: how to apply the model and use it for better-targeted messages
Key scenarios for using customer segmentation data in your omnichannel communications
Pushwoosh is the top mobile-driven customer engagement platform. Its tech-easy solutions help marketers boost user engagement and stickiness with push notifications, in-app messages, and behavior-based omnichannel communications, therefore, successfully growing and monetizing their apps.
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