Sponsored Pushes

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Precise Targeting

We control the message flow ourselves and guarantee that your audience will receive only relevant content.

Increase in Revenue

Get monthly PayPal transfers based on Revenue Share model! 50% for every message sent to your users.

Message Statistics

We send you thorough monthly statistics on all messages that were sent to your audience for you to analyze.

More than conversions

The direct conversion is the most common method of monetizing your audience. Users receive your message about a new special offer, get interested and buy your product, as simple as that. However, there's more! We’re excited to introduce a new way of increasing revenue with Pushwoosh.

Monetize audience

Sponsored Pushes program allows you to increase the monetization of your audience. In few words, a third-party sponsor pays you for letting them send very rare promotional pushes to your audience. We keep track of messages sent to your audience and ensure the relevance of the messages.

Grow your business

Specify which apps take part in the program and set a frequency capping after joining Sponsored Pushes. Then, we find sponsors who'd like to send a promotional push to your audience. Each month, we give you statistics on messages sent. And make a transfer to your PayPal account!

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