Welcome In-app Message

Welcome back, friend!


Welcome In-App

Build personal relationships with users by welcoming newcomers into the app
Boost Engagement

Show your attention early on with a warm welcome message. Make the user’s first impression great!

Know Your Audience

Get first insights about your users! Learn their age, gender, and interests, and save this data with Tags.

Guide Newcomers

Make sure users know their way around! Explain the ABC’s of your app with a welcome tour.

Talk To Users

In-App Messaging is a powerful marketing channel, letting you message users while they’re in the app. You can reach 100% of users with In-Apps, which makes them a perfect compliment to push notifications. Keep your customers informed and engaged.

Welcome Newcomers

Build an engaged and happy audience: show your attention and help users understand how your app works. Show a warm welcome message to users after they first open the app, say hi and explain your app’s basics. Your users will appreciate it!

Guide Users through App

Set up a welcome tour through your app to explain how it works. Use a custom Rich Media page to demonstrate your app’s main features. Explain your app’s ABC’s and make sure newcomers know where to find what they need.

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