Recover abandoned carts & boost your revenue

70% of shopping carts are abandoned. Boost your sales by sending well-timed cart reminders via facebook messages & push notifications.

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70% of shopping carts are abandoned. Boost your sales by sending well-timed cart reminders via facebook messages & push notifications.

Why you should recover abandoned carts

According to Baymard Institute, cart abandonment rate is almost 70% and rising. Sounds pretty horrible if you imagine all the lost revenue. Your customers can get distracted by something, encounter technical issues, have their credit rejected or simply have second thoughts about the purchase and forget about their cart. Nevertheless, these people wanted to buy something. And you can easily remind them about this fact to increase your sales.

Recovery via push notifications

Push Notifications have the highest efficiency in buyers return. Our solution is Push Recovery Campaigns, which will make your customers come back and complete the purchase.

Deliver personalized push messages at specified time once a user adds something to their cart. Send different pushes depending on the time that’s passed since the abandonment. For increasing conversions:

Address users by their names

Include a call to action

Give a discount or a promo code

Notify of items in the cart going on sale

Offer a gift or free shipping

It is highly beneficial to be able to choose the most appropriate moment for sending the reminder. With Pushwoosh Abandoned Cart Recovery, it is achieved right out of the box.

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Recovery via Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Cart Recovery brings over 30% increase in revenue by sending well-timed cart reminders to your site visitors who opt-in. For a typical online store with $50,000 monthly sales it can gain additional $180,000 of annual revenue.

As personal as it gets

On Messenger you get to know your customers names, age and other demographics data - use it to personalise their shopping experience and build trust. Your customers can respond, so you can start conversations and get valuable feedback.

Nearly 90% Read Rate & 2-4x higher open rates

Nearly 90% of your messages are opened and read on Messenger, as opposed to emails with the average open rate of 20%. Emails can get buried in inboxes, or even worse, in spam folders. All reminders you send are delivered to customers' Messenger Inboxes.

Quick & easy setup

How it works

Your website visitors opt-in when they add products to their shopping cart. If they don't make a purchase, they receive up to 3 follow-up reminders in the next few days. You can adjust the delay between these follow-ups, and personalise messages to increase conversions to purchases. You can also configure quick replies and set automated responses to reduce your manual customer support efforts.

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