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Abandoned Shopping Cart

You are doing your best to get users to visit your website or download your app and eventually buy the product you offer. However, customers often add items to their cart, but never complete the purchase. There are various reasons:

  • The customer has switched their attention to something else
  • Technical issues with completing the purchase
  • The user has second thoughts on their decision about the purchase and forgets the product waiting in the shopping cart

The bottom line: Companies lose new revenues and customers daily.

Resolution: How do you re-engage the customer to drive them back to your website or app and help them complete the transaction?

What we offer

Our solution is Push Recovery Campaigns, which will return your customers and get the transaction finished.

Here is a two-step solution:

For increasing conversion, we recommend including the following elements into each of your Push Messages:

You can assign different Push Messages depending on the time that has passed since the customer abandoned the item in the cart.

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Business Cases

Increasing 3-day Retention

Your core audience consists of users who use your app all the time. Set a segment for those users who haven’t opened the app for a few days after registration. Don’t let your customers churn!

Rate My App

Ask users for feedback with In-app messages. With this key, you can reach them in moments of happiness and gather the highest ratings.

Boost Repeat Purchases

Users who have bought something already are likely to return for more purchases. Target them with the Segmentation feature and watch your revenues grow.

Changing Icon

Users are very likely to notice when the app icon changes. Grab this opportunity to draw their attention to promotions, sales and updates with push notifications.

Net Promoter Score

The NPS survey measures your audience loyalty. It also highlights those app features that need improvement.