Abandoned Shopping Cart – effective solution to increase revenue

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Abandoned Shopping Cart – effective solution to increase revenue

Abandoned shopping cart issue is one of the most pressing troubles for the Retail vertical. According to Baymard Institute, cart abandonment rate is almost 70% and rising. It sounds pretty horrible if you imagine all the revenue lost because of numerous reasons: the final price is too high, the credit card was rejected, a customer got distracted, etc. Nevertheless, your customers wanted to buy something. And you can easily remind them about this fact.

Optimal Solution

Any marketing channel capable of one-to-one messages can decrease losses whether you choose E-mail, SMS, Push Notifications or In-App messages. To outline, Push Notifications have the highest efficiency in buyers return.

Also, it is highly beneficial to have the capability to choose the most appropriate moment for sending the reminder. With Pushwoosh Abandoned Cart feature, it is achieved right out of the box.

Pushwoosh opens numerous ways to make your products even more valuable to customers so they gain motivation to complete an interrupted purchase.
  • Remind what was abandoned
  • Give a discount via code or coupon
  • Offer a gift or free shipping
  • Notify of items in the cart going on sale
  • Send a “We still keep it for you” message


Customers will love your brand more if you send them timely reminders about things they wanted to buy. Push notifications help your customers to keep track of items they left in the shopping cart.

One of Pushwoosh customers achieved a 32.4% boost in revenue due to sending well-timed cart reminders. On example of a typical e-store with $30,000 monthly sales, yearly sales may gain additional $116,640 revenue. Majestic, isn’t it?

Your current sales = $30,000/mo x.324 (32.4% boost) = $9,720/mo = $116,640/yr in extra sales

Make your users come back with in-app messages and push notifications. Do you wonder how to do it? Follow the link to the guide or request a demo straight away.

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