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Effective Ways to Improve
Your App’s Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score or NPS measures your customers loyalty. It helps to find out how many of them may recommend your app and the way they use it.

Technique is to ask users if they’d like to share information about the app with anyone. Users can choose a grade on the scale from 0 to 10. The rough classification of participants is the following:

  • promoters (9-10)
  • neutrals (7-8)
  • detractors (0-6)

Therefore, it becomes easier to understand feelings your app invokes in users and attempt to keep them positive.

Pushwoosh is Your Personal NPS Expert

Pushwoosh NPS solution allows you to send a survey to your users with one click only.

To top it up, it allows to select the most appropriate moment as well. Explore the benefits of understanding what your audience actually thinks about the app.

Pushwoosh recommends to:

  • Get in touch with your customers. Try to get back to every user as they spent time to evaluate your app. This shows your customers that you care about them and may enhance NPS in the future.
  • Evaluate the responses. Look into the distribution of opinions among your app audience. Once you’ve seen what bothers your customers, take action to correct the issues.
  • Follow up. Let your customers know if you’ve made a change based on their feedback. They’ll most certainly improve their opinion of your app.


Implementing NPS gives you almost unlimited capability for interaction with your audience.

With Pushwoosh NPS, you can also easily gain ideas how to enhance the app functional and make it more relevant and valuable for users. This most likely results in higher ratings for your app - by the way, you can read about their impact in this article. Not to forget, NPS increases the number of downloads if used correctly demo.

To get benefits of using NPS simply request a demo, read the implementation guide or contact our support team. Cheers!

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