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Navigate Android users through their in-app journeys: engage, inform, convert to target actions, and drive retention.

Android mobile push notification service


Push messaging and beyond: all-in-one Android user engagement solution

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Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder
With Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder, our comprehensive visual tool, you can design a variety of user scenarios:

Mobile push notification & omnichannel campaigns for Android users

Streamline opt-in, onboarding, engagement, and retention campaigns;
Initiate scheduled or event-triggered messaging;
Create user segments effortlessly within the interface;
Analyze conversion to target actions;
Efficiently organize cross-channel flows adding in-app messages, emails, SMS, and more.
Pushwoosh integration and onboarding
Brilliant tool for automating customer engagement! It has some great options to make hyper-personalized messages based on customer interactions and touch-points. We have created multiple journeys to increase our funnel conversions.
Sushant K
Pushwoosh customer service

The most precise segments of Android users

Pushwoosh offers more than mobile messaging – it empowers you with user segmentation capabilities at a CDP level:
Historical data: Delve deep into your users' past actions, views, purchases, activity patterns, and timing, to create highly relevant messaging for your Android audience;

Response based on the context: Tailor your messaging to address user actions within their context, going beyond just responding to the latest trigger event;

Custom filter combinations: Utilize Pushwoosh's segmentation tool to craft any segment you require, no matter how specific or intricate it may be.
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Pushwoosh advanced segment builder

Thanks to Pushwoosh, we are able to reach an individual user in a precise way, offering them personalized content suitable to their tastes.
Enrico Antonini

Toolkit for personalized push notifications on Android

Explore the power of personalization with Pushwoosh tools and discover how they can enhance your mobile marketing campaigns:
Dynamic Content & Liquid Templates: Craft deeply personalized messages based on users' individual preferences and actions;
Pushwoosh pricing plan
Optimal time feature: Let Pushwoosh's algorithms to evaluate user engagement patterns and send messages at the moments of greatest receptiveness;

Personalized content

Best time to send

Geo-based pushes

Geozones feature: Make use of real-time user location data to trigger push notifications featuring location-specific offers.

Post-messaging analytics

With Pushwoosh's analytics, you can gain in-depth insights into your mobile marketing efforts at various levels:
User journey: Examine event conversion funnels to observe user progression through their lifecycles.
Campaign performance: Assess overall results and the attainment of campaign objectives;
User segment: Explore how specific user groups interact with your messages;
Rich media content: Track impressions and interactions;
Single push notification: Evaluate open rates, CTRs, and conversion rates;
Pushwoosh integration and onboarding
Rich media
Single push
99.9% delivery success rate
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High-speed push notifications

Ensure fast and reliable delivery

Mobile Growth Marketing Platform for Mobility & Delivery
Rich media templates
Multilingual content options
Frequency capping

Customize push notifications

Messaging Solution for Mobility & Delivery
AI-generated content
A/B/n testing of any user journey element

Drive your marketing effectiveness

Messaging Solution for Mobility & Delivery
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Seamless integration

Via SDK or API
You can effortlessly integrate Pushwoosh into your app using either our SDK or API.
Cross-platform frameworks
We provide compatibility with various cross-platform frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Cordova, and others.

Simple adoption

Proficient in handling unique use cases, guiding you in creating high-ROI campaigns, and maximizing revenue generation.
Dedicated experts prioritizing customer needs and addressing concerns with personalized attention. Accessible around the clock, 24/7.
Useful resources for independent campaign management available through our blog, documentation, guides, and live webinars.

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Customer Success Managers

Secure choice

We adhere to the utmost standards of compliance with data protection regulations.

ISO 27001 certified servers

Ensuring GDPR compliance

Adhering to OWASP principles

We store data on private servers in the United States and Germany, ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory standards.
Our platform adopts the Security by Design approach to mitigate potential threats.

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Pushwoosh delivers exceptional content and high-impact insights backed by solid data:

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