Lifecycle marketing with Pushwoosh Customer Journey

Drag-and-drop tool for mapping and automating your campaigns. Emails and push notifications for an effective cross-channel customer engagement strategy.
Cross-Channel Marketing with Pushwoosh
Cross-Channel Messaging with Pushwoosh
Cross-Channel Marketing Analytics
The fastest way to build well-planned marketing campaigns
Set up your campaigns faster
Keep your campaigns organized
Optimize the performance
Visual campaign builder makes it easier to plan your communications. Create chains of push notifications & emails launched by a user's actions.
Cross-channel messaging displayed in one place. See the whole picture and coordinate your messages with Customer Journey mapping.
Track the results of your campaigns and fine-tune your messages to improve their efficiency, increase customer retention and reach your goals faster.
Nowadays customers live online, use different tools, and it's important to deliver your messages via various channels. Combining push notifications with emails, you make sure your message is heard, and your touchpoint marketing is done the right way.
Effective behavioral marketing is impossible without cross-channel communications
See what's possible with Customer Journey
Build automated behavior-based message flows that ensure you're giving each user cohesive, relevant experience.
Communications based on users' actions make the strongest impact, increase lifecycle marketing efficiency and bring conversions.
Deliver personalized experience to each customer
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder features
Most marketing activities are pretty time-consuming. Great news is, you can automate the majority of them!
Marketing automation is the key to the highest level of efficiency. Set up your campaigns once and let them run on autopilot. Reduce manual work and leave no user ignored.
Automate your marketing and reduce manual work
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder functionality
Track the performance of your campaigns and fine-tune them to achieve better results.
In Customer Journey, you can track conversions, open rates and click-through-rates of your messages to estimate their efficiency and understand what works best for you!

Analyze and fine-tune
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder benefits
Gain the most conversions by building automated and personalized customer journeys.
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