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Map out and streamline your marketing activities across the channels with Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder. Messaging, audience segmentation, and analytics — all in one visual tool.

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

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Easy for the marketer. Responsive to the customer.
Map out and streamline your marketing activities across the channels with Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder. Messaging, audience segmentation, and analytics — all in one visual tool.

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

  • Optimize your conversion paths: target specific audience segments, run A/B/n tests, and choose proven automated journeys.

Pushwoosh is designed to streamline your workflow, not to complicate it.

Build personalized customer journeys easily

  • Incorporate all channels you need in a single workflow — push notifications, in-app messages, emails, SMS, and WhatsApp;
Plan, execute, analyze, and fine-tune omnichannel campaigns within one marketer-friendly tool. Use Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder with its out-of-the-box messaging formats to:

Plan, create, and execute seamless customer journeys

Design and launch customer journeys without coding

Set up your campaigns faster with a simple interface and neat visualizations in a single screen. It is easy to get started even for non-tech-savvy marketing teams.
  • Kickstart your customer journey orchestration with basic pre-built touchpoints and default events for any path
  • Build multiple customer paths in a single screen with a no-code drag-and-drop editor
  • Get tips from Assistant to make your journey ready to launch
  • Move on with content creation using AI-powered suggestions

Leverage powerful marketing automation

Run your messaging campaigns on autopilot.
  • Branch customer journeys with highly specific segmentation, planning activities for various scenarios, such as unsubscribes, purchases, cart abandonment, and more
  • Autosend messages in response to real-time user behavior, such as push notification open, screen views, etc.
  • Check push reachability before launch and send your messages via accessible channels to get them delivered for sure
Scheduled Launch
Every Week

Improve campaign performance on the go

See real-time engagement, fine-tune your campaigns, and reach your marketing goals faster.
  • Get the whole picture of your campaign performance on the Journey canvas.
  • Pause and edit your journeys and simplify their structure to grasp a better understanding of the workflow
  • Visualize customer journey paths, notice drop-offs, and take measures ASAP

Fit into user context with relevant offers

Employ one-to-one marketing to reach out to your clients with engaging messages that will resonate with them.
  • Anticipate user behavior with guidance, reminders, and incentives
  • Use your design to create custom-tailored messages matching your brand's tone of voice
  • Send personalized messages based on user devices, OS, languages, and other zero- and first-party data
The same push notification in English:

Know your audience and get new insights

Target and analyze highly specific audience segments. Spot the best-performing paths leading to conversions in detailed customer journey analytics.
  • Evaluate performance with the help of data-driven analytics and reports viewed as visual dashboards and charts.
  • Understand your buyer personas with flexible segmentation and RFM analysis. Predict user behavior too!
  • Go for A/B/n testing to find out what drives the best results.

User retention curve

Create omnichannel customer journey experiences

Unify all touchpoints that your customers have with your brand to build an effective omnichannel marketing strategy. Grow and scale your business by seamlessly integrating any digital marketing channel into your workflow. The transparent pricing model lets you choose one channel or a bunch of them, paying only for the units you use.
and your entire user base
Know exactly when, where, how, and who you should reach out to with your messages.

Stay current on your customers’ moves between segments and stages of the funnel. Communicate via their preferred or currently reachable channels.
Mobile and web channels
Real-time segmentation
Trigger events and scheduling
Track & react to users' clicks and conversions
Laura personally
Max personally
Emily personally

Everything a marketer needs for customer journey building

Mobile Growth Marketing Platform for Mobility & Delivery
Mobile Growth Marketing Platform for Mobility & Delivery
Mobile Growth Marketing Platform for Mobility & Delivery
Mobile Growth Marketing Platform for Mobility & Delivery
See how your campaign performs right on the Journey canvas and in dashboards. Check CTRs and retention rates for audience segments, and report on conversions.

Analytics and reports

Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value analysis lets you segment your customers based on their engagement level and revenue potential.

RFM analysis

Set up one-time or regular sending of your messages, and define frequency capping to limit the number of communications a user may receive at a time.

Scheduling and automation

Incentivize your clients to move on along their journey paths. Compare multiple branches and experiment to find the best-performing messaging.

A/B/n tests

Provide unique customer experiences and be relevant to any user’s context with the Dynamic Content and Liquid Templates.

1-to-1 personalization

Make sure a user can receive your message, or send it via an alternative channel. Your push was delivered but never opened? Track and react on it too!

Reachability check

Build your own creatives based on pre-built templates and reusable elements. Get help from the AI-powered message composer and image suggestions.

Assisted campaign creation

Start working right after the Pushwoosh SDK integration. Use Default Tags and Events to trigger automations based on customer attributes or activity.

Easy to start

Choose among pre-built integrations or connect your existing martech tools to Pushwoosh CDP seamlessly. Integration is quick and easy!

Integrate other services

Customer data platforms and data streaming
Marketing analytics/MMP
Product analytics
Marketing automation
In-app purchases
CMS/Low-code platforms
Here is how brands unlock the power of Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder using different types of journeys. Boost onboarding, re-engage dormant users, push to conversions, and reduce churn rates by orchestrating holistic experiences tailored to each customer’s movements along their journey.

Customer journey examples with default elements to use right away

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Send welcome in-app messages to onboard new users.
Use email to stir up users who remain inactive after signing up to your app.
Offer seasonal discounts via pushes or emails to earn repeat customers.
Show an in-app message promoting premium items after a buyer shows interest in a basic product.
Send reminders of an expiring subscription and offer perks and bonuses.
User retention
Send pushes or emails reminding new users to continue filling in their profile.
User retention
Send pushes or emails reminding new users to continue filling in their profile.
Customer loyalty
Offer discounts and other perks to active customers.
Warm up your audience with pushes about an upcoming sale.
higher in-app activity
higher conversion into target action
higher engagement with push notifications

Optimized flow, better results

Success stories from Pushwoosh users

Instead of continuing remarketing, Bladestorm started sending recurring pushes to current users. This led to an increase in MAU by 16.62% and growing revenue. The success was due to the consistency of the pushes, a reasonable offer, and wise onboarding of recently active users.

Game app developer boosts revenue by 4.58% with engaging pushes

HungryNaki turned its growing user base into high-value customers by sending personalized multilanguage pushes to users, based on their behavior (homepage visits, menu viewed, order added, and others).

Food delivery app increased DAU ×10 with behavior-based pushes

AvaTrade created a dedicated messaging flow with Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder, sending deeply personalized pushes. The result was the average CTR 9.4 times higher than the industry benchmark. A series of pushes combined with in-app reminders moved 12% of anonymous users to registering real accounts.

Online broker has 12% growth in conversions with an omnichannel approach

Omada’s Almowafir app turned occasional discount shoppers into loyal customers with automated messaging, applying behavior segmentation. Personalized approach throughout the entire customer lifecycle proved effective in increasing Day 30 retention by 4% and converting almost two thirds of users to the target action.

Coupon app achieves a 67.4% conversion rate with behavior-based messaging

See more customer success stories

What marketers say about Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder:

Easy to implement, great features, and very good support.
Mark Astrin
Product & Development Manager @ Omada
Pushwoosh customer service
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder has improved over time and is now one of the best and easy-to-implement user journeys we’ve used. The dashboard for sending messages is easy to work with, and marketing users find their place very quickly.
We liked the interaction with customers on a single platform. It provides efficient push notification solutions and visual tools. The statistics are in the graph form, which makes it better than its competitors.
Nagendra S.
Deputy Director
For designing communication strategies more powerfully.
Pushwoosh customer service
For creating paths with automated push notifications.
Evgeniy Cherdantsev
User Acquisition & Product Marketing Manager @ Bladestorm
We aimed to increase the ARPU of the current user base without significantly increasing the advertising budget. Pushwoosh did a good job: thanks to increasing revenue by 4.58%, the spent money was paid off many times over.
Pushwoosh customer service
Amplify your messaging campaigns and drive more revenue through meaningful and effective customer communication:
using Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder
Create omnichannel experiences combining pushes, in-apps, WhatsApp, SMS, and email.
Elaborate personalized customer journeys matching each user’s interests and behavior.
Reduce churn, deepen user engagement, increase retention, and improve customer lifetime value.
Consolidate and activate all your user data on one CDP. Enhance your marketing efficiency and report on your achievements.
This is a marketing term meaning a series of interactions people perform with a brand, from the moment they learn about it to the moment they turn into customers. It covers 5 broad stages: awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and maintaining loyalty. By visualizing customer journeys, you can evaluate and improve strategies, manage risks, minimize costs, and earn higher revenues for a business.

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