Marketing automation is a time-saver as it allows you to reach thousands of people in a few clicks. But is it that good in terms of effectiveness and relevance of messages to each individual user? This is where personalization should come to rescue.

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Increasing ROI Through Highly-Personalized Messaging with Pushwoosh

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as we’ll dive into tools and techniques to deliver rich, highly relevant communications capable of engaging users and converting them into paying customers.
Team Lead Americas, Pushwoosh
Anna Neverova
Customer Success Manager, Pushwoosh
Stan Koval
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What customer data to use (consumers’ preferences & behavior)
Personalization techniques and tools that engage users: dynamic tags & content, multilanguage and geo-based communications, deep links, and more
Best practices of using personalization to grow ROI: based on Pushwoosh’s 8-year experience with clients across industries (e-commerce, gaming, media, finance, delivery, etc.)
How to make the most of the personalization features in Pushwoosh
You’ll learn: