Rate My App – effective solution to get higher ratings in App Store and Google Play

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Rate My App – effective solution to get higher ratings in App Store and Google Play.

Why are ratings and reviews important? The explanation is pretty simple. There are 3 common sections users look at when browsing the App Store or Google Play:
  • Recommended tabs
  • Top-100 lists
  • Search results after a keyword-based query

For all these 3 sections, app rating plays an important role. If your app has low ratings, its search position tends to be low, even if it has very close keywords to user's search query.

A constant positive feedback flow is important for two reasons. It serves as an indicator of the app's quality, and it's one of the biggest factors for the App Store and Google Play rating. Apps with the highest ratings monitor the opinions of users and form their plan for the development and release of future updates accordingly.

A large number of positive reviews brings your app closer to the top and helps to keep this position longer. Top-10 apps typically own 80-90% of category revenue. You can see now why app rating is a crucial aspect to look after and improve when needed.

Getting Ratings

The next logical step is to try and get higher ratings. At this point, you may be wondering, "Ok, how do I do that?". Thankfully, it's as simple as asking for them. Thing is, asking everyone for ratings in the application itself is a rather dangerous method, since you probably want only the good ratings.

People are not very likely to go ahead and give high ratings from their own initiative. The human nature is such that the probability of someone reviewing an item on their own is higher if they didn't enjoy it.

However, if you know how and when to ask, people who have indeed enjoyed your app will be more likely to rate it.

Seeking Higher Ratings

Low ratings are pretty much a given, so you shouldn't try to get rid of them completely. Rather, use them as guidance on what needs to be improved.

However, you can keep such ratings at a minimum by using Pushwoosh Rate My App feature. Indeed, you can display In-App messages only to people who are active in the app. Since they use it so often, they probably like it, right?

Another great idea is to ask user to submit a review in his peak moments of happiness, for example right after a successful transaction, achievement or a gift. This can be done with the help of Pushwoosh Rate My App out-of-the-box.


In-App Messaging can help with one of the biggest and most expensive problems app owners face: getting their app downloaded. By increasing the app's rating, you'll lower the costs of promoting it, which means you'll be saving money.

Are you interested in how changes in the average rating will affect your app?

According to recent studies:
  • changing average rating from 1 star to 4 or 5 stars gives you a 700% boost in organic traffic conversion
  • compare this to only 3% boost if you change average rating from 4 to 5 starts

It probably seems like it's no big deal, but a higher position in search results compared to that of a competitor significantly changes the game.

Contact Pushwoosh now to learn more about capabilities of Rate My App feature or simply ask for a demo. Also here is a link to our step by step guide for implementing it.

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