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Fastest News Delivery Platform for Media

Speed is what matters the most both for news editors and readers. Be the first to deliver relevant сontent to your audience in just two clicks with Pushwoosh.


messages per second
Up to 500k
push notification CTR
Open Rates.
Opt-In Rate.
audience growth in a year

convert them into loyal subscribers.

Engage more readers and
Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

One platform for

Segment your audience based on various criteria to please every subscriber's taste. Reduce bounce rate — increase reading time and LTV

news delivery

content promotion

reader engagement

Deliver relevant personalized content in just two clicks: paste your article URL to autofill a message and push!
Send up to 500 000 push notifications per second and make sure your readers get all news first
Save your time and money by sending communications and gathering statistics right within your CMS

Seamless API Integration

Improve user flow and promote paid content by driving your readers directly to the right screen in your app

Deep Linking

Avoid spamming that may easily drive your readers away and show your audience that you put quality over quantity

Frequency Capping

A/B/n Testing

Split your audience into groups, conduct A/B/n tests and track key metrics in real time to achieve better conversions
Send multilanguage messages in sync with users’ time and geodata. Build engagement convertible into your brand loyalty

Speak the language of your audience

Monetize your content

Use rich in-app messages and push notifications as an adblock-free space for promoting partners’ and paid content
Segment your app users based on their attributes and real-time behavior: set Tags and send the most relevant updates to the tagged readers

Increase content consumption

Stay on top of the readers’ feed like the top media

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Insights & analytics

Pushwoosh delivers exceptional content and high-impact insights backed by solid data:

  • Exclusive research
  • Best practices
  • Industry guides

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