Today marketers all over the world understand that in order to survive and thrive in e-commerce, it's necessary to use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning as helping tools for increasing sales. Companies that keep up with technology trends quickly become market leaders. Boost your revenue with AI-powered product recommendations and cross-channel personalization!

For online retailers, understanding users' purchasing behaviors is crucial. Analytics propelled by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, allow studying your customers with astounding precision and speed, personalizing every step of a customer journey. Our new AI-powered recommendation service collects data about your customers' behavior and delivers the most relevant shopping experience to each user, maximizing your sales and revenue.

What smart recommendations allow you to do:

  • Nurture first-time visitors via personalized push recommendations

Send special offers using web or mobile push notifications to visitors who haven't made a purchase, but have spent some time exploring different products.

  • Improve on-site product discovery

Showcase personalized recommendations on the website through banners, inline widgets, and Special Offer pop-ups, all based on an individual's buying behavior.

  • Сross-sell with post-purchase emails

Automatically send personalized post-purchase emails with products intelligently selected for each recipient.

  • Reduce cart abandonment

Use exit-intent pop-ups with relevant products when your visitors are about to leave your website to increase purchase completions, and restore otherwise abandoned carts.

  • Increase shopping cart value

Upsell and cross-sell when your customers make a purchase by featuring popular related products during the checkout process.

According to PracticalEcommerce research, related products promotion encourages emotion-driven “joy buying”, boosts per-customer revenue and profit. Often buyers begin an online shopping experience because they seek to save time and money, but then special offers delivered via the right channels, site interactivity, or good merchandising encourage impulsive purchases.

How you can increase revenue with smart recommendations:

Driving 5x more conversions

Thanks to smart recommendations, your visitors find products they need, and even better – they find products they never knew they needed. It allows to improve conversion rate significantly.

Increasing Average Order Value

Product recommendations typically allow to increase Average Order Value by up to 20%! Customer acquisition costs are rising for online stores, and it's becoming increasingly expensive to get new visitors to your site. That's why it's important to increase Average Order Value by intelligently predicting what your customers may want to buy next.

Personalizing shopping experience

Deliver personalized experiences that turn visitors into loyal customers. Target shoppers with the right offers at the right time. Machine learning algorithms dynamically select the most relevant content for each user.

Interacting through multiple channels

Use web & mobile push notifications, emails, Facebook Messenger follow-ups and onsite widgets to deliver personalized offers to your users. Cross-channel personalization gives 6x higher conversion rates.

How does it work?

Tracking the products your store visitors browse, view, like and buy, the system suggests other products that will most likely interest a particular user via various marketing channels – web & mobile push notifications, emails, Facebook Messenger follow-ups or onsite widgets.

Imagine a feature that knows your inventory and your customers better than you do. Like any good salesperson, Pushwoosh AI-powered recommendation engine “knows” your store and suggests the items your customers will want to buy. Using product recommendations to increase Average Order Value and customer loyalty, as opposed to spending money to increase site traffic, allows you to reduce your marketing spending, while increasing customer satisfaction and boosting your sales.

Try AI-powered product recommendations now!