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Achieve Business Goals

Learn about our out-of-the-box solutions to a variety of business cases. Push notifications and In-App messages offer excellent marketing options, and ensure high user engagement and response rate.

Increase Retention

Send a message to users who haven't opened the app in a few days. Keep your users from churning!

Get higher ratings

Ask users for feedback with an in-app message in moments of happiness and get the highest ratings!

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Remind users about the purchase they were about to make with a combination of push notifications and in-app messages.

Boost Repeat Purchases

Send a message to your loyal customers and enjoy an incredible conversion rate with our Segmentation feature.

Increase Push opt-in rate

Show a customized push subscription form and get more push subscribers with in-app messages!

Boost Holiday Sales

Make sure promotions and sales are noticed: draw users' attention to your app by changing its icon!

Boost audience's loyalty

Personalize your messages to establish friendly relationships with your users and enjoy incredible retention rate.

Opted-out users recovery

Target users who declined receiving pushes with an in-app message to get more push subscribers!

Send targeted messages

Maximize your marketing campaigns' relevance by segmenting your audience and sending special offers to segments.

Measure push success

Track the conversion rates of your push marketing campaigns to analyze what brings you most revenue.

Net Promoter Score

The NPS survey measures your audience's loyalty and highlights those app features that need improvement.

Welcome Newcomers

Increase longterm retention by showing your attention early on with warm welcome pushes and in-app messages.