Bring the power of Pushwoosh to the Salesforce Platform and build an effective cross-channel marketing strategy! Reduce your Salesforce expenses, raise user activity and LTV, increase conversions. Easy integration, broad functionality. The possibilities are limitless!

Being able to run cross-channel marketing campaigns aligned to a customer journey is critical for reaching users in high-impact moments, increasing their engagement, activity and loyalty. Pushwoosh partnership with Salesforce offers a wide range of cost-effective solutions to marketers and advertisers. By integrating our service with Salesforce Journey Builder, you'll be able to reduce your Salesforce expenses, making them more predictable, improve customer journey management, launch powerful engagement campaigns and build deep, personal relationships with your customers.

Not charging money for every push notification your company sends and setting a fixed price for an unlimited number of notifications instead, Pushwoosh makes marketing budget control significantly easier.  

Salesforce prices are typically based on contact and message volume, so the more contacts a company has, and the more messages it sends, the more money it's going to cost. Sometimes these sums can get huge. You simply cannot know for sure how many new customers you'll get in the future and how many messages you'll need to send to them. This pricing model is quite unpredictable, and it's especially disadvantageous for large companies that have really long contact lists.

Pushwoosh offers an incredibly simple and effective solution that will make your expenses predictable, helping you save money without limiting your marketing ambitions.

Besides being the best solution price-wise, integrating Pushwoosh with Salesforce allows you to coordinate highly effective marketing campaigns with the help of Pushwoosh broad functionality combined with the capabilities of the Salesforce Journey Builder.

Here's what you'll be able to do:

  • Welcome newcomers

Send welcome push messages that motivate new users to stay and perform certain actions. Show your attention early on and increase long-term retention.

  • Recover abandoned shopping carts

Remind users about the purchases they were going to make with targeted personalized push messages. The ability to lead users from push notifications to specific pages within an app can lift conversions significantly. Our deep linking feature allows you to do that.

  • Boost repeat purchases

Send messages to your loyal customers and show them your love! Make them come back for more by delivering special offers and personal messages. Enjoy incredible conversion rates with Segmentation.

  • Push on user action or event

To maximize marketing relevance, we recommend using the behavior-based approach. Make your messages and offers always to the point! Understand users' behavior by analyzing their interactions with the app. Trigger a message on any key action to encourage users to go into the next funnel stage.

  • Increase retention

Send messages to users who haven't opened the app in a few days. Keep your users from churning. You can trigger personal automated messages on negative events, such as a subscription cancellation. Retention influences every key business metric, such as lifetime value, active user count, revenue, etc.

  • Save notifications in Message Inbox

Having read a message once, users cannot go back to it later. It negatively affects conversion rates, since sometimes customers simply forget about special offers you've announced. Message Inbox gives users a way to return to your messages whenever they prefer. Simply save the messages you send and keep them in the app while they're up-to-date.

The integration process is as simple and smooth as it can be. We'll schedule a call with screen-sharing, and help you set everything up from start to finish. Any question you might have will be answered immediately. It will take up to one hour for everything to start working smoothly.

Many of our clients have already discovered and started using the multiple advantages of combining Salesforce and Pushwoosh capabilities. Let's take a look at how one of them - a US sport betting company - guides new customers through the customer journey, using the right digital marketing solution at every step. The system is designed in such a way that once the client has registered in the application, they are always reminded to take the next step.

At the beginning of the journey a new user receives a welcome email. This is done in order to motivate them to make the first deposit. By using cross-channel segmentation, it is checked whether the user has opened email or not (Pushwoosh records the actions performed at each step). If the customer hasn't done any actions after receiving the message, within a couple of days, it sends either a push-notification or another email. And so it goes on. By guiding users through this customer journey, the company raises user engagement, activity and, obviously, its revenue. And this is just one example of how you can implement this technology!

Optimize your expenses by integrating Pushwoosh with Salesforce and engage with your customers in the most effective ways possible!